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Well Organized Closet
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My Clients Know What’s Up


"Rachel is the definition of O.C.D. She is so easy to work with, exceptionally fun, and eager to help. She has come to help me with a variety of spaces within my home and with each space she made suggestions and changes that work beautifully together. I can't wait to work with her again"



"I hired Rachel to come and help me with a few small projects. I never expected to extend the scope of the work to the ENTIRE HOUSE! I am so glad I did and I am so lucky that I had Rachel there every step of the way. From the pantry and kitchen to my master bath, closet and office...she DID IT ALL!!"



"My pantry, kitchen and closet have never looked better!! Rachel created a beautiful, maintainable system for each space that my husband and I can keep organized for years. We loved working with her at each stage of the process. She is detailed, highly efficient and personable."


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